under construction

Project area:

14.8 Hectares

Team leader:

Claudia Harari


Adame Doria

Artesanto is a 14.8 hectares piece of land that overviews San Miguel Allende’s town center and main plaza. Artesanto is located next door to “Fabrica La Aurora” art center.

The project is organized around a green heart that comprises a park, the “club house” and pool,  and the sport facilities building.  A main avenue or paseo gives access to 4 “private clusters” with controlled access and named after a local artisans craft.  Each cluster includes a little central park and a linear park along an “arroyo” or creek,  with flowing water, pedestrian paths and densely planted  with local species of trees. The strongly visual paving pattern and engravings on the walls are inspired on the textile patterns of local prehispanic cultures.   These elements, the architecture colors, and native vegetation give Artesanto its very own local identity in a contemporary urban development that will represent San Miguel future urbanization trend.

Masterplan by Adame Doria