Silverio Sierra



Project area:

50,293 m2

Team leader:

Claudia Harari


Legorreta + Legorreta

The new medical and research center for TEC University by Legorreta,  demanded a landscape project of gardens and patios for the visitors and patients which would bring them peaceful outdoor spaces to visit, and to enjoy nature and views to the mountains.   The project required to be very low water and maintenance consuming, and basically the entire project was to be built over concrete slabs.

The landscape concept extends the strong geometry of the buildings into the landscape and towards the views,  uses the languaje of repetition of elements, orchards, agricultural patterns, and uses local materials and plants to create the bands and lines of color and texture.  The stormwater is collected under the elevated floor system.  The employee´s parking area, which will become a future growht area, is a temporary parking space planted green with grasspave and growing trees on containers like a nursery to be relocated on the final building.