Silverio Sierra

Raul Rojas

Carlos Lozano

Mario Cavazos



Project area:

16 Hectares

Team leader:

Claudia Harari



The new stadium is located between La Sierra Madre and the last live river in Monterrey, in a park reserve area.  The landscape project involves the design of the main concourse of the stadium (pedestrian spaces with urban furniture, water features and trees, leading to the stadium doors) and all the surrounding parking space and green areas of the property.     The delicate ecosystem in which the building is located, allowed the proposal  of a special design of the parking lot, where it becomes a big stormawater treatment machine for detention, infiltration and filtration of stormwater into vegetated raingardens.   All the parking spaces will be planted with lawn over grasspave plastic grid, and will lead the sheets of water from the concrete streets into the interconected raingardens

The parking lot will become a woodland with more than 1 thousand native trees. The planting strategy mixes lines of native perennial oaks (mountain ecosystem) with lines of native sycamore trees (river ecosystem), which will give the wooded parking space a unique character of changing color and foliage. 

 The stadium park will remain open during the week for public access, and it will be connected to the river linear park pathway system.    Digital art and video mapping will be projected on the stadium south and north facades several nights a week as a cultural amenity for the city and visitors.