Project area:

Team leader:

Claudia Harari


This large Park located in the center of the city includes a lake of salted water which holds a natural crocodile habitat and refuge.   The lake is interconnected through a canal with the sea port. 

Because of its size, the park has been designed by HLA as a composition of different parks of different sizes, depending on the site character and land-use vocation already given by people daily use or by buildings placed on site by the state government.    Local palm tree orchards are used massively to give strong visual character to the site. 

Internal hybrid mobility systems (pedestrian, bike, boat taxi, car) are interconnected to urban mobility points (taxi, bus). A new pedestrian bridge crosses the lake and connects a plaza south of the park with the northern part of the site.  

A crocodile sanctuary and islands are provided for the habitat and reproduction of these animals. The park is meant to recall the close presence of the sea through several elements: mirador, boats exhibitions on site, vegetation.

Other public and popular activities of the city are incorporated or kept inside the park for the activation of the space:  farmer market, flowers markets, naval institute, fast boat races, boat rides, jogging paths, convention center and cultural center already  on site.  

The park access avenues connect with the city through well equipped and scaled urban plazas on the main avenues that surround the site.