Silverio Sierra

Diego Rodríguez

Lucía Narro

Paulina Cueva



Project area:

8,000 M2

Team leader:

Claudia Harari

James Lord


Grimshaw Architects, N.Y.

The Steel Museum is based on the recovery and reuse of the original structure of the iconic last standing steel foundry furnace no3 inside the Historical Fundidora Park.  The design involves industrial archeology,  and diverse sustainability strategies like the use of recycled steel materials found on site,  and stormwater harvesting and recycling.     

 The landscape project is based on a narrative of the process of steel making.    Besides of the outdoor rooms, plazas and fountains created by the landscape project, an important part of it is also ibased on its  green roofs.   Particularly the 7,532 ft2  extensive green roof located on top of circular structure made out of steel, with a pleated  surface of triangular sections  planted with  sedums which has become a symbol.     Other 10,760 ft2 are covered with intensive green roofs planted with native grasses.

Togheter, these 18, 292 ft2 represented, at the Museum´s openning date in 2008, the largest greenroof in Latin America and the only one with this particular geometry.