Brenda Perez

Carlos Lozano

Mariana Pamanes

Ernesto Marroquin

Mario Cavazos

Raul Rojas



Project area:

Team leader:

Claudia Harari

Silverio Sierra


La Pastora Park is located at the foothills of La Silla mountain, next to la Silla River.  It is one of the most dense wooded areas inside the metropolitan area.  Created in 1982 as the first reserve park of native vegetation inside the city, it  used to offer the visitors a natural space with great opportunities for recreation.    Besides a wide program of activities, it offered direct access to La Silla river and held  the largest native oak woodlands  in the city.  The park was closed in 1992 for administrative reasons.

After 20 years of abandonment and the assault of two hurricanes, the park shows severe damages in its infrastructure, but its natural system and vegetation remained almost intact.

The regeneration project, currently under construction, involves a recycling and transformation process of existing elements and spaces to receive new public, programs and  activities and to be enjoyed by the new generations.   Tha park will be connected to La Silla  river lineal park and through it  to the Rayados Stadium Park.