Project area:

140 Ha.

Team leader:

Claudia Harari


Guadalajara´s Metropolitan Park is the largest in Guadalajara Metropolitan area (140 hectars) and it is the product of two major designs in the course of 20 years.  With the occasion of the Panamerican Sport games –Gaudalajara 2001-, for the fist time in the history of Mexican Parks, the Municipal government asked international consultants (PPS, Walk and bike, etc.) to lead a process of “Place making” through Public participation, in order to have users decide what kind of Park did they want.    After a month of work, a document was published with the results of the public process. It contained the programs, activities and basic zoning for the park,  which the designers had to take into consideration during the redesign competition held in 2009. 

 The redesign had to include previous design elements existing on site that were successful , and that could be integrated into the new project.    The winner project was selected by unanimity by a jury made out of landscape professionals,  national authorities in ecology and policy making, place-making consultants, and municipal and park authorities.