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Sendero Santiago (SANTIAGO TRAIL) is envisioned as the first trail natural park in the north of Mexico.


Santiago trail is planned to be the first trailing natural park in the north of Mexico.   It has been a trailing route for years, going from Santiago village up into the mountains of the Sierra Madre, at  1,900 msnm   (6,233 ft above sea level)

In order to have more visitors and protect the environment, the landscape project is meant to “formalize” and make clearer this path, in the way that other Pilgrimage trails are (like Santiago Compostela in Spain).  The project proposes and designs different elements inspired in prehispanic symbols found on the region: path systems, information, signage and location maps, basic furniture, resting points, stormwater harvesting for drinking, and other elements to help guide the visitors and make their journey even more enjoyable and safe.   All of these without interfering with the natural character of the amazing site.