October 17, 2023

Architecture and Design:  
Imagined Architecture

Cortesy of  _2B space to be
Text by _2B Space to be _2B Space to be, the exhibition space of the architecture and design studio Moneo Brock, is pleased to present "Architecture and Design: Collaborate + Share. 1st Edition: Imagined Architecture". A collaborative project between _2B Space to be and LIGA, an independent initiative founded in Mexico City, linked to the architecture studio Productora.

From the similarities in the origin and nature of both, this dual event is born with the aim of promoting Spanish and Latin American architecture and design, reflecting on the differences in architectural practice in our respective continents, as well as the main challenges facing the profession in terms of sustainability and social and political justice.

"Imagined Architecture" is the first edition of the collaboration between _2B space to be and LIGA. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to learn about the dissemination work of the Mexican gallery and its mission to encourage experimentation around the architectural discipline and its possibilities as a discursive practice over the past 12 years of operation. To achieve this, LIGA has prepared an exhibition from its archive that analogously recreates the immediacy and vastness of digitalization they are accustomed to facing through a simultaneity of images. These photographs, which initially appear disconnected and decontextualized, will thread together a succession of initiatives, moments, and people that, when confronted together, form the history of LIGA.

On the second day of this event, the work of the studio Infraestudio, emerged in Havana, Cuba, in 2016, will be reviewed and discussed. They have also had the opportunity to exhibit their work at LIGA in 2022. In this conversation, which will take place at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, Infraestudio will participate alongside other relevant figures from the sector and students.

Infraestudio comes from a political context where architecture is still illegal, so imagination is the only possible response to censorship. Their experience in "clandestinity" is revealing when showing us different paths of creation around the architectural discipline.

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"Infra" is a prefix that indicates "below" or "before". As a prefix in itself, it conditions everything that precedes it. Infraestudio is less than an architecture studio: it is a fiction created to operate discreetly in a city frozen in time. We are more interested in creating spatial ideas than spaces. For us, fiction can be enough. We practice narrative architecture as a design exercise without the mediation of images. We start from the same discourse to experiment with different resources. Making architecture that hides in the landscape, showing emptiness as a representation of an idea, not thinking about forms but strategies, narrating architecture before showing it, and building the minimum necessary are some of our obsessions. In a world saturated with events and consumption, less is enough.

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