October 17, 2023


Community Environment Art and Culture

This exhibition at the Association of Mexican Architects showcases a series of urban green infrastructure projects undertaken by HLA around urban rivers: 3 along the La Silla River - Monterrey's last living river - and the most recent along the Santa Catarina River. In addition to highlighting landscape architecture's role, the exhibition aims to draw the city's attention to reevaluate the multi-level importance of urban rivers, especially now, in an era where climate change and water crises are daily realities impacting us.

Monterrey city was established and thrived in a fertile valley of oaks, rivers, and canyons. It is a city nestled in a valley between mountains and rivers. Through various interventions of public, recreational, or restoration projects, residents and municipalities have claimed the river as their own, exploring countless activities possible in this generous ecosystem. However, they have also forgotten and damaged it. It has been ignored and excluded from urban development plans, used as dumping areas for drainage and waste. While cities worldwide are reclaiming their natural waterways, restoring and developing the enormous environmental, cultural, and recreational benefits they provide to the city, Monterrey turns its back on them.

By presenting 3 interconnected HLA projects around the La Silla and Santa Catarina rivers, we aim to communicate through images, sound, art, and video, the contrasts between human damage and the natural richness of these living ecosystems.

By showcasing the beauty of their flora and fauna, the environmental services they provide, and the diversity of activities around them, we hope to protest and draw attention to our city: Let's respect and save our rivers! 

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