March 8, 2024

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Evolution of Monterrey's Landscape

Architect Claudia Harari, a pioneering figure in northern Mexico's landscape architecture, discussed the evolving landscape of Monterrey over the years. Monterrey, known as an industrial city, uniquely integrates its tangible cultural heritage with the surrounding mountains and industrial sectors.

During her presentation, she highlighted two specific projects that exemplify this integration: Horno 3 and Puente Verde. Horno 3, originally an iron smelting blast furnace, has been transformed into a cultural icon and museum. This adaptive reuse project not only preserves Monterrey's industrial history but also showcases how such historical structures can be repurposed to enrich the city's cultural fabric.

Puente Verde, another notable project, exemplifies Monterrey's commitment to blending urban infrastructure with natural surroundings. This green bridge initiative enhances connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists while promoting sustainability and green spaces within the urban environment.

Architect Harari's insights underscored Monterrey's dynamic evolution and its ongoing efforts to balance industrial heritage with modern urban development and environmental stewardship. Her work exemplifies how thoughtful design can transform urban landscapes, preserving history while embracing innovation and sustainability.

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