Outdoor Living in the City
Lítica is a residential tower located in a new urban area near the La Silla River, positioned with a north-south orientation . This project aims to integrate nature and promote a lifestyle that values the natural environment, fostering a unique identity through the use of local materials such as brick and river stone. Lítica aspires to be an example of sustainability and responsibility in the face of climate change by implementing green architecture principles and sustainability metrics like LID, Sites, and LEED.
Water Efficiency

Landscape Architecure
Size: 128 hectares
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Year: 2022
Design that maximizes views towards nature, integrating the building with its surroundings.

Innovation in architecture that reflects local culture and uses indigenous materials.
The tower is strategically located next to the La Silla River, integrating with the natural context of the region and providing an environment that reflects the connection with nature and the history of the place.

The design includes features such as rooftop gardens and an urban image that reflects the commitment to the environment. These initiatives benefit not only the residents but also have a positive impact on the community and the city.
The project aims to integrate the building with its surroundings, encouraging reflection on personal carbon footprints and sharing sustainability knowledge on social media. The community benefits from improved public spaces and an efficient water management system.

Water Management and Biodiversity

Water Filtration System: Captures, absorbs, and stores rainwater for reuse in irrigation.

Biodiversity Restoration: Creation of microclimates that attract pollinating insects and birds, enhancing the natural environment.

Cascading Planter Layers: Design that reduces runoff and binds the soil together with plants.

 Areas of Intervention and Amenities:
  • Elevated Terraces and Gardens: Visual integration of the terraces with the landscape, using intensive and extensive gardening systems.
  • Benches and Elevated Floors: Design combining functionality and aesthetics with durable, low-maintenance materials.
  • Flexible and Community Spaces: Creation of continuously activated and programmed areas, supported by educational and interactive technology.
  • Building Health App: Real-time information on temperature, recycled water reserves, solar energy production, and community events.

Integration with the Natural Context
The project restores the ecological value of the land, creating a green and tree-lined environment that highlights the presence of the river and fosters a connection with nature.

Lítica promises to be not only an architectural landmark but also a model of responsible and sustainable urban development, integrating nature, community, and technology in a synergy that benefits all.

Unique Identity and Materiality
The use of brick and local stone gives the project a distinctive identity, linking it to the site's history and context. These materials not only provide a unique aesthetic but also reinforce sustainability by utilizing local resources.

Reinterpretation of the Historical Context:
  • Arrival Sequence: Tower 1 serves as a visual focal point.
  • Retaining Walls: Redesigned to eliminate shotcrete, integrating the landscape more naturally.
  • River Slope: Opportunity for urban art expressions and a linear park that connects with the community.
  • Basement Morphology: Transformation of the structure to reduce the "box" feel of parking, integrating it with the topography and nature of the river.

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