Medical Zambrano Helión Tec

A Model of Sustainable and Symbolic Design
The green area system of Medical Zambrano Helión Tec is a fundamental part of the building's infrastructure as it is entirely developed on reinforced concrete slabs that constitute the roofs of parking lots and hospital areas. Approximately 9,000 m² of total membranes and special garden substrates make up one of the largest mixed-type green roofs in Latin America. The design is inspired by the architectural rhythm, the immediate natural surroundings (the rock on which the building is founded), and the visual escape towards the distant mountainous landscape.
Water Efficiency

Landscape Architecure
Size: 9,000 m²
Location: San Pedro Garza García
Nuevo León, Mexico
Architecure : Legorreta Arquitectos

Plan Selection
The plant selection focuses on two main aspects:

Sustainability: The use of native and adapted species that require very low water and maintenance. These plants are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and wind, ensuring long-term viability and minimal environmental impact.

Symbolism: The inclusion of trees like Olive and Oak, which symbolize life, longevity, and hope. Additionally, aromatic plants are chosen for their associations with relaxation, natural medicine, and healing processes, enhancing the therapeutic environment of the hospital. infrastructure systems.

The green areas are distributed across four levels, each with specific functions:
Level 0.00: Main vehicular and pedestrian accesses and parking lots.

Planted 1,162 native trees from 3 to 10” that cause  64,155 m2 of shade over the total surface, and process 25,564 kg of Carbon Dioxide per year.

Level +15.50: Maternity area, designed to offer a calming environment for patients and visitors.

Level +25.50: VIP terraces of hospital suites, offering exclusive green spaces for patients in these suites.
Technical Aspects
The technical details of the green roof system include:

Total concrete slab area: 13,807 m².

Total green roof area: Approximately 9,500 m², which is 69% of the total slab area.

Minimum planting depth (extensive green roofs): 210 mm.

Maximum planting depth (intensive green roofs): 600 mm.

El coeficiente de reducción de temperatura de las losas, gracias a la presencia de sustrato y plantas, es de aproximadamente 25 grados debajo de la capa verde.

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