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OVVA represents the vision of national and international talent dreaming of a sustainable future that enriches the life of their community. They have devised a project integrating two residential towers and one office tower within a large master plan, surrounded by a monumental elevated garden. This garden connects people with harmonious services and amenities. Located in one of Tijuana's most cosmopolitan areas, Zona Rio, OVVA stands out for its dynamic urban ecosystem. It's a unique place where corporate life and entertainment blend seamlessly, thanks to the area's commercial, leisure, and entertainment offerings.
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Titan Awards Gold Winner 2022 Mixed-use Design
Muse Design Awards Platinum Winner 2022 Mixed-use Development

Master Plan
Landscape Architecure

Size: 8,974 m2
Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Architecture: Mayer Hasbani

The monumental towers of OVVA become an urban landmark, inspired by the natural and organic curvature that exalts the endemic ecosystem of the northwest. This design creates a harmonious sequence of architectural moments where exterior and interior spaces are enhanced by neutral materials and natural lighting.

The towers are designed to reflect the natural surroundings, turning them into a series of architectural experiences that nourish both the building's inhabitants and the environment. OVVA's amenities bring the space to life and awaken emotions, with designs that evoke the senses, promoting a healthy and pleasant lifestyle.
The Club House is the heart of the project, featuring an organic pathway that leads to wonderful experiences and unique amenities that embrace the community.

The residences, divided into two towers of 23 and 20 levels, are designed for contemporary inhabitants. They feature warm and fine finishes that enhance natural materials and abundant lighting, setting the stage for great stories. The workspaces come with amenities and services that provide an ideal environment for growth and development, situated in one of the city's most dynamic business areas.
OVVA is the ideal place to live and transcend. It offers an environment that blurs the sensory boundary between the city and nature, providing comfort, harmony, safety, and well-being to its residents. This is where the most exciting stories are written, the stories of a contemporary community evolving with its environment in a habitat of life and possibilities. 

OVVA is a space where people can live fulfilling lives, surrounded by the beauty and sustainability of their surroundings.

Goals and Required Spaces for OVVA

Create Dynamic Spaces: OVVA aims to offer a vibrant living environment with versatile areas that cater to various needs and activities.

Promote Social Interaction: The project is designed to foster community engagement and socialization among residents.

Develop Spaces for Various Activities: OVVA includes dedicated spaces for working, playing, celebrating, socializing, and relaxing, ensuring a comprehensive living experience.

Gazebo Roof Design

Integrate Quality of Life Components for Residents: Enhancing residents' quality of life is a core objective, with amenities that promote well-being and comfort.

Increase Project Value: By incorporating high-quality amenities and dynamic spaces, OVVA seeks to elevate the overall value of the project.

Provide Privacy for Ground Floor Apartments: Special attention is given to ensuring the privacy of residents in ground floor apartments.

Phase One
Covered Space for Connection between Club House and Residential Towers: Ensures seamless connectivity and convenience.

Pet Center (120 m2): A dedicated area for pet care and activities.

Scattered BBQ Areas (168 m2): Four designated BBQ spots throughout the property for social gatherings and cookouts.

Roof Garden Systems Section

Children's Playground (150 m2): A safe and engaging play area for children.

Pool + Cabana Area (300 m2): A relaxing pool area with cabanas for leisure and enjoyment.

Lounge Areas with Fire Pits and Adapted Working Stations: Scattered in the garden and rooftop, these areas provide cozy spots for relaxation and work.

Central Garden with Perimeter Circuit (800 m2): A central garden featuring a jogging and bike path for exercise and recreation.

Phase Two

Padel/Tennis Court (242 m2): A court for sports activities, promoting an active lifestyle.

Scattered BBQ Areas: Additional BBQ spots to accommodate more residents.

Lounge Areas with Fire Pits and Adapted Working Stations: Additional lounge areas for relax ation and productivity.

Proposed Canopy for Connector Walkway

Multi-Purpose Court: A versatile court for various sports and activities.

Outdoor Cinema (80 m2): An open-air cinema for movie nights and events.

Multi-Purpose Area (Expo): A flexible space for exhibitions and community events.

TRX Fitness Area (Pilates/Yoga): A fitness area for Pilates, yoga, and TRX workouts.

Pole-Mound: An interactive and fun play structure.

Vegetable Patch/Garden: A communal garden space for residents to grow their own vegetables and herbs.

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