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Parque Centro Pergolas
The project to create organic benches and planters in Paseo Begonias, Lima, Peru, was designed to provide comfort for users and to give order and form to the planting in the area. This innovative project involved the fabrication of 296 prefabricated concrete modules in natural gray color, using high-quality architectural concrete.

Materials and Desing
To ensure that the benches and planters seamlessly integrated with the natural environment of Paseo Begonias, an organic shape was sought that respected the architectural language of the area. The benches were manufactured using special molds that allowed for the precise attainment of the desired shapes.

Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process took place in a plant under controlled conditions, using automated machinery to minimize variations in color and strength, guaranteeing the highest quality of materials. This method ensured the consistency and durability of each module.

1. Demolding of pieces
One of the biggest challenges of the project was the size, quantity, and complexity of the 

2. Quality inspection
The project was carried out by HLA and Opticre

3. Quality inspection
The project has    
4. Quality inspection
5. Quality inspection

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