Pueblo Serena

50,000 m2 of Green Infraestructure
To the south of the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, in the heart of the Huajuco Canyon, a privileged environment surrounded by mountains, nature, and stunning views gives life to the new commercial concept SERENA. Taking advantage of the natural surroundings and its location, SERENA aims to establish itself as a unique open-air commercial concept with a high level of quality, adhering to modern codes of urbanism and sustainable landscape architecture.
Water Efficiency

Master Plan
Urban Design
Landscape Architecure

Size: 342,852 m2
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Year: 2017
The complex, with around 27,000 m2 of rentable area, is situated just 15 minutes from Valle Oriente and amidst the most exclusive residential developments, equestrian clubs, and golf courses in the city. The complex positively impacts its surroundings through the design of “calmed” roads focused on pedestrians: narrower, tree-lined, with wide, walkable sidewalks and a network of bike lanes connecting it to strategic educational and residential points. In addition to reducing vehicle speeds and facilitating pedestrian and cyclist crossings, these types of roads enhance the urban environment of the area, distinguishing it as a unique place and setting a local precedent for the implementation of internationally-level public roads.

Green System

Open spaces and nature form the foundation and main essence of the SERENA environment. The entire complex is conceived from the start as a green space densely populated with trees, plazas, parks, and interconnected gardens that house buildings of a light and open character to nature.

The feeling in a place where there is no distinction between vehicular and pedestrian zones—where cars move very slowly, enjoying the stroll, while pedestrians walk and interact freely—is akin to entering a European or Mexican village center. The vegetation showcases a rich palette of native species of trees, grasses, flowers, and shrubs, reinforcing the concept of sustainability and belonging to the place.

The general concept of SERENA’s urban and architectural design is reinforced through the selection of its material palette. Contemporary yet suburban in character, the buildings combine exposed concrete, steel, and green walls with natural stones, ashlar, bricks, pergolas, and gabions. Respectful of their surroundings and the region's climate, the walls, openings, pergolas, porches, and other architectural elements, along with the tree planting, promote shaded and pleasant areas and paths for the visitors of SERENA.

Innovative elements in the landscape
It uses prefabricated systems of “rain gardens” vegetated and tree trenches, armed with “designed” soils and interconnected drainage system.

Massive use of the “grass pave” system for a total ###m2 of permeable parking spaces that minimizes the heat island effect

Planted 1,162 native trees from 3 to 10” that cause  64,155 m2 of shade over the total surface, and process 25,564 kg of Carbon Dioxide per year.

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