Puerto Corala

A coastal paradise
Puerto Corala project represents a milestone in the urban development of Veracruz, being the first top-tier public urban center in the region. Strategically located on the Boca del Río - Anton Lizardo Highway, at KM1+635.37, this urban center spans an extensive area of 342,852 m² in the municipality of Alvarado, which is part of the metropolitan area of Veracruz. Additionally, it boasts a prime location, close to the municipality of Boca del Río and with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.
Water Efficiency

Master Plan
Urban Design
Landscape Architecure

Size: 342,852 m2
Location: Veracruz , Mexico
Year: 2023
Puerto Corala is situated on a 322,979 m² plot. It is divided into 5 zones, offering 3,980 housing units, 52,311 m² for hotel and residential use, and 18,135 m² for commercial use. The estimated permanent population is 15,920, with a floating population of up to 20,700. Due to this, the variety of space designs adapts to the demands of the main users of the complex, catering to their specific needs.

The master plan is divided into five zones distributed across twenty four lots, creating a general project scheme based on the created accesses and the promenade's pathway. Commercial areas are located around the promenade to enhance the pedestrian experience. Vertical housing is situated in various locations to take advantage of sea views. Horizontal/low-rise housing is located near other developments with similar products.
The vision of urban design is to create functional, aesthetically appealing, and sustainable urban environments that enhance the quality of life for those who live, work, or visit a city. The primary goal of urban design is to plan and organize urban space in a way that promotes efficiency, accessibility, safety, and equity

Urban design aims to create places that foster social interaction and community, with attractive and safe public spaces that encourage physical activity, recreation, and emotional well-being. It also seeks to promote diversity and inclusion by designing environments that are accessible to all people, regardless of age, gender, abilities, or socioeconomic status.
Additionally, urban design has an environmental perspective, seeking to minimize negative impacts on the natural surroundings and maximize sustainability. This involves promoting the integration of green areas, conserving natural resources, using energy efficiently, and encouraging sustainable modes of transportation, such as public transit, cycling, or walking.

Puerto Corala, a coastal paradise, blends the natural beauty of Veracruz with a vibrant and sustainable urban environment. Our aim is to develop a unique space in the region where visitors and residents find the perfect balance between modern comfort and respect for the surrounding nature.

A Vibrant and Welcoming Landscape
The landscape is adorned with a variety of vegetation that enhances the experience of walking along the avenue. The presence of the Framboyan adds a touch of color with its striking flowers, while the Palo Mulato offers an elegant structure and refreshing shade. The Sea Grape, with its lush foliage, enlivens the spaces and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Completing the scene, the majestic Coconut Palms stand proudly, providing a tropical and relaxing ambiance. 

The use of exposed aggregate concrete in various textures smooth, medium, and coarse ensures a durable and resilient surface for vehicular traffic while adding a modern and clean touch to the entire avenue. Natural stone borders enhance the sophistication and distinction of the urban design, providing a captivating visual detail that elegantly frames the spaces.

The materials used in these three types of urban roads are of the highest quality and aesthetics. The taxiways are paved with washed grain concrete, which provides a smooth, safe and highly durable surface, giving an elegant and modern appearance to the entire avenue. In contrast, natural stone borders add a touch of class, creating a harmonious visual effect that enhances the beauty of the surroundings.

Pedestrian Circulation Design

The circulation in Puerto Corala is designed to provide citizens with convenient and accessible access to various amenities through a tree-lined route. Priority is given to the comfort and ease of movement for pedestrians, allowing them to safely and pleasantly access different facilities and points of interest. 

To provide a pleasant and safe experience for pedestrians and cyclists while integrating small green areas and protecting the natural beauty of the coastal environment. This is achieved through careful planning and a focus on sustainability. The use of non-slip and wear-resistant materials ensures durability and safety. Along the pedestrian walkway, there are rest areas where visitors can sit, enjoy the scenery, and relax.

North Linear Plaza

The program for a boardwalk aims to transform this coastal area into an attractive, functional, and accessible space for the community and visitors. The main objectives are to create an enriching environment that promotes social interaction, recreation, and leisure, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in the area.

Creating an Inclusive and Vibrant Community Space
The main objective is to create an inclusive and vibrant space that fosters social interaction and a sense of community. It aims to provide recreation and leisure areas for people of all ages, promoting physical activity and well-being. 

Additionally, it seeks to preserve and enhance the cultural and natural heritage of the place, integrating architectural and landscape elements that reflect the local identity. The aspiration is to promote cultural events and artistic activities that enrich the lives of citizens and attract visitors. The program also intends to encourage sustainability and respect for the environment by implementing eco-friendly practices and green spaces.

Stepped Plaza – Amphitheater to the Sea

The plaza functional and adapt to the needs of its users. Create an attractive and harmonious design that integrates with the urban environment and the theme of the plaza. Ensure that the plaza is accessible to everyone, including those with reduced mobility. Ramps, suitable stairs, accessible pavements, and wide pathways that allow passage should be considered. Additionally, clear and tactile signage can be included to facilitate orientation for people with visual impairments. Create an attractive and harmonious design that integrates with the urban environment and the theme of the plaza.

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