Rufino Tamayo Park

Background and  History
Consolidated in 1991 thanks to the contributions of a group of people interested in the development of Valle Oriente, including Jesús Almaguer, José Calderón, and Architect Eudelio Garza Lozano, who donated 87,500 square meters of green space, creating Parque Rufino Tamayo in honor of great Mexican artists, sculptors, and painters. This space was created for the benefit of the community, representing togetherness, harmony, the freedom to enjoy nature, recreation, and a healthy life.
Water Efficiency

Master Plan
Urban Design
Landscape Architecure

Size: 87,500 m2
Location: San Pedro Garza García
Nuevo León, Mexico
Year: 2014
Parque Rufino Tamayo is located between the Cerro de la Loma Larga and Cerro del Mirador, with an excellent geographic location in the Valle Oriente area within the municipality of San Pedro Garza García.

It is an area designed with the natural vocation to generate a unique space in the state of Nuevo León.
Rufino Tamayo, one of the most internationally recognized Mexican painters, managed to combine his Mexican heritage and pre-Hispanic art with international avant-garde movements throughout the 20th century, creating works marked by color, perspective, harmony, and texture.

Born on August 26, 1899, in Oaxaca, Tamayo painted more than 1,300 oils, including 20 portraits of his wife Olga, with whom he was married for 57 years. He created 465 graphic works, such as lithographs and mixographs, 350 drawings, 20 murals, and one stained glass window.

Tamayo's legacy is extensive: first, he was a painter who revolutionized Mexican art; then, he took Mexican art abroad and brought foreign art to Mexico; he created a biennial to provide his hometown with an art collection, and finally, he established two museums: one of contemporary art and one of pre-Hispanic art. Tamayo was a very complex yet generous artist. He contributed enormously to the avant-garde movements and, as some consider, was the best ambassador of Mexico since his works were always sought after and valued by collectors, institutions, and museums worldwide. His paintings are often found alongside those of Matisse, Picasso, Miró, or Chagall, demonstrating the same level and quality as the great artists of the world.

Park Desing
The design of this new phase of Parque Rufino Tamayo is by the urban landscaping firm Harari Landscape Architecture, represented by architect Claudia Harari, known for projects that integrate nature, environment, and architecture from a creative and innovative perspective. The park regeneration project focuses on the presence of water along the stream, creating protected areas—wetlands, catchment lakes—and generating a significant connection between the visitor and the stream. It encompasses the creation of various recreational, sports, and cultural and community event areas.

Innovative elements in the landscape
In addition to various amenities for its regular visitors, the project aims for sustainability, driving the park to grow and evolve without sacrificing its vegetation, which is preserved to favor the capture and retention of rainwater. The use of gabions and border plants helps protect areas adjacent to the stream and buffer against flooding. The landscape project for this Urban Park is inspired by the color and morphology in Tamayo's work and the presence of moving water. The design emerges as a liquid landscape where the stream's water suggests fluidity, creating new pathways with an artistic sense of connectivity. The park's art is based on duality, one of the most notable characteristics in Tamayo's work

Special Areas:

Big Green (18,493.89 m²)
A large area where classical music concerts, outdoor movie projections, kite flying, small festivals, cultural events, and more can be held.

Walkways (19,664.68 m²)
The pavement will feature a color palette that transitions from warm to cool tones, referencing the opposition of day and night, frequent elements in the distinguished artist's paintings.

Stream(453 m)
There will be a water flow control system to help maintain the stream's bank order, preventing possible landslides or floods.

75 parking spaces.

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